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Thankful Thursdays

Every Thursday I take a moment and reflect on what I am thankful for.

Fly On The Wall

A writing challenge.

More Than Food

We live in a small town that is right next to a slightly bigger small town. The slightly bigger small town is the town both my husband and I grew up in. That bigger small town is bursting at the seams with community. A community that we are so incredibly grateful for.... read more

Springtime Fly

Our five-year-old is REALLY into knock knock jokes. They are not always funny, but she finds them HYSTERICAL. She was on quite the roll with some pretty bad jokes when I decided to tell her mine. Me: Knock knock. Her: Who’s there? Me: Banana Her: Banana who? Me:... read more

Wrapped In Love

Today I wore my five-year-old daughter and my two-month-old niece. I had not been feeling great all day so I took it easy. No make-up, comfy clothes, reading, watching the girls play. My seven-year-old niece was over and the three girls played all morning. At lunch... read more


I took a six-week course recently. Actually, I started a six-week course, twice. It was a course designed to help monetize my blog. I was so excited at the potential income my “hobby” could bring. The first thing I was assigned was an audit of my site. I... read more

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Balance seeker that always ends up slightly askew. Writer, vlogger, photo taker. Wife, mother, human.
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  • It is hot. So hot that napping in a cloth diaper is making her sweat. Snuggles are a bit warm but she wanted milk and momma. So, here we are, on the couch, sweaty and snuggley. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Breakfast. Simple and mundane. But today, this morning, it made me so happy. 
It made me happy because after a year and a half of struggling with the darkness that fell over me after my baby was born, after the last five months of deeply grieving, I was able to wake up and take care of myself. 
The simple act of making myself breakfast was too much to bear a few months ago. 
I have put a lot of work into myself recently; made some important changes. It is finally paying off. I can appreciate the little things. 
The darkness was so consuming. The anger, the sadness, the fear. It was omnipresent and oppressive. 
I lost friends and damaged relationships. But mainly, I was losing myself. 
No more. 
I am going forward. Being a better version of me every day. Focusing on healing. 
Milk and eggs. Breakfast that nourishes my body and feeds my soul. 
Do something for yourself today. Stand and let the sun warm your face. Appreciate the stillness between breaths. Be alive. 
  • Why yes, my dinner is resting on top of a pile of just washed cloth diapers. Who needs tables? 😂

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