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Thankful Thursdays

Every Thursday I take a moment and reflect on what I am thankful for.

Fly On The Wall

A writing challenge.

Tapping Into Confidence

Our oldest daughter has nearly always been on the timid side. She waited to sit up and walk until she was confident that she knew how. Balance beams and high slides made her nervous until she forced herself to try them. We affectionately refer to her as our Great Dane...

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Third Times A Charm

We are expecting a baby this spring. Most people we have told are super excited for us. They say congratulations and then turn to our two older daughters and ask them if they are happy for a new baby. But, there are a few people who have taken me by surprise. Those...

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Simplifying From Scratch

I never make resolutions. This year, however, felt like the perfect time to make some changes, commit to some things while leaving behind some old habits. Maybe it's because I am over halfway through my third pregnancy, maybe it's because I had a hard, yet...

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Snowy Flock

There is snow falling as the light dims. Everything as a blue tint and our neighborhood is silent in between the squeals of my children playing. Small bundles of winter jackets and warm snow pants, they roll and laugh in the yard. They both pause and watch the giant...

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About Me

Balance seeker that always ends up slightly askew. Peace chaser. Wife, mother, human.
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  • She was having a hard morning. Communicating her wants and needs with limited speech was frustrating her. Tears and yelling came easily and got her point across universally. She eventually settled in the middle of the kitchen with some juice and a graham cracker. She was so sad but so beautiful sitting there, grounding herself, bringing herself back to center. I asked her if I could take her picture. She nodded solemnly and said yes. She then quietly added, "thank you mommy." We try our best to model the behavior we wish our children to have. Respect is the biggest one we attempt to instill by being respectful to them. Right after she asked to see and ended up kissing her own photo. That girl exudes empathy and kindness, even to herself. ❤
  • My grandmother's birthday was a few days ago. I bought purple tulips and put them in my living room in her honor, right next to the very spot where she taught me how to knit, so very many years ago. -
I treasure the gifts she left me. The memories and the direction she gently led me in. I don't know who I would be without her unconditionally loving presence in my life for so many years. -
When I miss her the most I remember all she instilled in me. Her body may be gone but her spirit and energy will always be as close as my heart. -
She would have loved these spring-like days we have been treated with. I have been soaking up the warm sun and focusing on my gratitude for her and the life she gave me.
  • Sisters. 💜💜

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