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Thankful Thursdays

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Fly On The Wall

A writing challenge.

The (Rabid) Dog Days of Summer

Every year I look forward to summer. The long, warm days. The endless opportunities to lounge around a pool or river. Adventures and camping and a schedule that looks more like a gentle suggestion than a butt-kicking demand. Being our first summer vacation since... read more

Let’s Hear It For The Boy!

Gone are the days where woman parented the children while the men took a hands off approach. Dads are elbow to elbow with their female counterparts in the trenches of parenthood. Diapers, feedings, soothing, and baths are all part of a modern dad’s day. It is... read more

Duck Flipping, Tree Kicking

We are working on our new garden so I have been to the garden store a few times. It is one of the baby’s favorite places. The last time we were there I finally realized why. The farm we go to has a bunch of statues for sale. Buddhas and lions and cats with balls... read more

´╗┐More Than Food

We live in a small town that is right next to a slightly bigger small town. The slightly bigger small town is the town both my husband and I grew up in. That bigger small town is bursting at the seams with community. A community that we are so incredibly grateful for.... read more

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  • They both confirmed the babies in their bellies via heartbeats. 
Midwives and mommas in training.
  • Kitty midwife.
  • The two-year-old found a bottle of my favorite red OPI nail polish this morning and painted her toes (feet) and fingers (hands) along with my beige couch. 
We didn't yell. We didn't put her in time out. 
We talked with her and we listened to her. She wanted to be like mommy. She wanted pretty toes and fingers. 
I was the one who left the bottle where she could reach it. 
So, I quickly scrubbed the couch. Only faint light pink spots remain. They will be the reminder of little hands and big spirits. 
Her toes (feet) and fingers (hands) are still painted and she is SO proud of them. We refuse to crush her spirit. We talked about asking for mommy or daddy to help. She nodded and said "OK!" This will happen again. And we will remind her, again. Then one day, she will remember to ask. And that will be the end of that. No yelling, no shaming, no tears, simply repetition and time. 
And, eventually, I will remember that a tiny person with a giant spirit is watching my every move and I will put the polish on a higher shelf. No yelling, no blaming, no tears, simply repetition and time. 
We are all constantly learning. Together.

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