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Thankful Thursdays

Every Thursday I take a moment and reflect on what I am thankful for.

Fly On The Wall

A writing challenge.

Let’s Hear It For The Boy!

Gone are the days where woman parented the children while the men took a hands off approach. Dads are elbow to elbow with their female counterparts in the trenches of parenthood. Diapers, feedings, soothing, and baths are all part of a modern dad’s day. It is... read more

Duck Flipping, Tree Kicking

We are working on our new garden so I have been to the garden store a few times. It is one of the baby’s favorite places. The last time we were there I finally realized why. The farm we go to has a bunch of statues for sale. Buddhas and lions and cats with balls... read more

´╗┐More Than Food

We live in a small town that is right next to a slightly bigger small town. The slightly bigger small town is the town both my husband and I grew up in. That bigger small town is bursting at the seams with community. A community that we are so incredibly grateful for.... read more

Springtime Fly

Our five-year-old is REALLY into knock knock jokes. They are not always funny, but she finds them HYSTERICAL. She was on quite the roll with some pretty bad jokes when I decided to tell her mine. Me: Knock knock. Her: Who’s there? Me: Banana Her: Banana who? Me:... read more

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  • Most people, when faced with what footwear to wear for the day, take the day's activities into consideration. 
I do not. 
We walked through fields and hiked up a hill. As always, my footwear was entirely inappropriate and incredibly cute.
  • Days 20-24: Allergy testing, prescriptions, worrying, and stress have dominated this week. Progress and recovery aren't all just taking steps forward. Sometimes it means taking a step or two back and acknowledging it. Breathing deep and appreciating all I have. #100authenticdays #postpartumanxiety #anxietysucks
  • Family photoshoot!

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