Our oldest daughter has nearly always been on the timid side. She waited to sit up and walk until she was confident that she knew how. Balance beams and high slides made her nervous until she forced herself to try them.

We affectionately refer to her as our Great Dane puppy, all legs and delightfully clumsy.

After her third birthday we enrolled her into a creative dance class, hoping it would help her find her coordination. Every class she seemed to grow a little more confident. It seemed to be working. For 7 semesters she would don her leotard and move along with the other children. We couldn’t tell if she really liked it or not, but continued to bring her.

This past semester we could tell that she had outgrown creative dance but our other options were limited. Then, while looking through the spring class offerings I saw it, HipTap. A hip hop/tap dance combo. We immediately enrolled her.

Three classes. That is all it took for our little girl to blossom. She is confident and excited. She loves her tap shoes and trying new combinations and routines. She hip hop dances around our house, putting on performances daily.

I am so grateful that our daughter has found something that speaks to her soul. Watching her dance and grow is an honor that I will never take for granted.

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