Fly On The Wall


The Fly On The Wall writing challenge is one of many that has come from Baking In A Tornado.

The premise is that the group of bloggers all post in a similar style, at the same time, on the same day. Each post is made up of smaller snippets, stories that may not be enough to stand on their own. But when combined, they create a glimpse into the life of the writer. Once a month our readers can become a fly on our walls.

Duck Flipping, Tree Kicking

We are working on our new garden so I have been to the garden store a few times. It is one of the baby's favorite places. The last time we were there I finally realized why. The farm we go to has a bunch of statues for sale. Buddhas and lions and cats with balls of...

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Springtime Fly

Our five-year-old is REALLY into knock knock jokes. They are not always funny, but she finds them HYSTERICAL. She was on quite the roll with some pretty bad jokes when I decided to tell her mine. Me: Knock knock. Her: Who's there? Me: Banana Her: Banana who? Me: Knock...

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The Days Fly By

The mornings that we don't have errands or appointments, it is just the baby and I. She recently has started to play independently and her favorite toys are her doll, a wooden barista set, and a cardboard box. Give a girl a cardboard box and she will play for a while....

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You Are Up Too Late, Sweet Pea.

  Zach: Hey Elsa, knock, knock! Elsa: Who's there? Zach: Merry. Elsa: Merry who? Zach: Merry go round and round and round and round. Get it? Merry go round? Elsa: *silence* Zach: *blinks* Elsa: Daddy, I am still waiting for the funny part.   -----   The...

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Holly Jolly Fly

   Christmastime means our elves come out to play. We don't adhere to the spying storyline but do (mostly) enjoy moving them every night.  Recently, I have been sick and exhausted and have been forgetting to move them. My husband, noticing the lazy...

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